Tesco is a results orientated company that rewards its people with instantaneous gratification through our “Gum-Ball” incentive scheme, which is in addition to the end of the year bonus. We value our employees above all else, and we acknowledge the fact that highly skilled engineers and technologists are difficult to come by. We go to great lengths to retain our resources by investing in their training and development and ensuring they have the best tools available to complete their job. We encourage our people to challenge themselves and continually develop their skills in whatever direction they see fit. We’re open to sponsoring individuals to complete their Masters Electricians, MBA, M.Sc. etc. All personnel have the means to attend technical training/conferences, and we encourage our people to present white papers wherever possible. If you’re looking for an opportunity to gain exposure to the latest technologies (e.g. IEC 61850) and contribute to Canada’s Smart Grid roll-out, look no further, Tesco is for you.

Contact us for further employment enquiries/expressions of interest at careers@tesco-group.com