TESCO Electric

Tesco Electric understands the importance of servicing our clients and maximising the availability and reliability of their operations.  When contingencies occur, we share the urgency of resolving the issue and getting your operations back on-line. We offer 24 hours, 7 day a week emergency call-out services for all our industrial customers. Our network of electrical suppliers and subcontractors ensures rapid availability of replacement parts; ensuring downtime is kept to a minimum.

Our skilled electricians manage projects to ensure that our customer’s schedules are met and that each and every panel has been verified against the drawings prior to issuing a practical completion certificate. We work on a wide range of control panels, some being mulit-door cabinets all the way down to push button stations. With Tesco, you can expect our panel builders to complete sanity checks on your design as we’re building our panels, and rather than blindly wiring panels, we check the design fundamentals for items such as ensuring the CT bridging bars are on the correct side of the test link, etc. These value-added services are what continue to bring our customers back to Tesco Electric.

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